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Posted by Kaukolike - November 30th, 2009

Thank you very much Tom for creating newgrounds portal. Also thank you Daniel for creating armorgames.


Posted by Kaukolike - August 9th, 2009

Hello. It has been a while since last news post. There are three topics to discuss now.
This is our 3j's, musicians's from Lithuanian art gymnasium and guy's Ace0fredspades collaborative short film. It took us about three or two weeks to complete. Creating it was a good working-with-flash experience. In this project we tried to use flash api and newgrounds ads for the first time. We wanted to give all the money that we would collect with the ad system to the people who made the flute and beatbox music. But even though our movie was on the front page, the profit wasn't very big, something under a dollar. So maybe next time we will try to make something that NG users like more. Like a parody or something. I personally want to make an adult game.
PoT (Power of Three)
A game that our team 3j is currently developing for newgrounds contest "Power of Three". I don't want to reveal much about it when it is still unfinished, but I can tell you this: it is going to be a platform fighting game with a cool three character changing thing like in "the lost vikings". Development is going pretty well. Our team is currently renting an office in the city for the whole summer so that we could work on our PoT project. When the summer ends we will have to move out so let's hope we will finish on time.
Now that I have graduated from high school I'm totally free of doing lot of stuff. Most of my classmates joined different universities and colleges and I didn't. I have a lot of books and tutorials about animation, drawing and all the other visual stuff. Also I want to renew my guitar studies and improve my English. I have some awesome books about jazz music.
So there are TONS of stuff of things to learn (over 9000). But that is not it. I want to create stuff too, make movies, draw art, etc. Also I visit newgrounds more frequently. I rediscovered Egoraptor's stuff and I also enjoy lazymuffin's production a lot. There are a lot of movies I want to see. So see ya! Great stuff awaits me.
Love music the mae shi

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Posted by Kaukolike - April 17th, 2009

OK! I was AMAZED to see so much AWESOME reviews on my latest submission "Hole". Honestly, I didn't expect that much. So thank you guys! I know it is probably not much comparing to all the portal's 'all time best', but believe me - IT IS SO MUCH TO ME!
So now I'm impressed, happy and motivated. All I wanna do now is make more movies and make them good! Very good! AWESOME! Because the more I'll put into it the more people will like it. And all I want by this is make people happy, entertain them!
And most of all I would like to thank Tom Fulp for creating newgrounds :D
I'm gonna click ads each day just to promote this site. Or I'll buy something from the store!


Posted by Kaukolike - December 30th, 2008

Our holiday project > A package of funny shorts for winter holidays is out submitted on NG flash portal. It contains only 4 animated shorts because I was afraid that we wont make it to the deadline of NG christmas/winter contest. So now when it is submitted I'll update the movie with new shorts.

Happy holidays. Sorry for English language mistakes as I said I'm in hurry making other shorts ;]


Posted by Kaukolike - November 1st, 2008

Hello! After playing CRUNCHDOWN and DAD 'N ME I decided to make my own fighting game because those two are not enough GORE, VIOLENT and USER-PLEASURABLE.

So. I came up with this little idea -> Player controls a muscular guy. Objective of the game is to have fun killing/beating people in virtual reality than in real world. Your character is traveling through different levels and beating people in very violent ways. Nobody can do you any damage (you're bullet proof) -> because you're very muscular.

When our hero was a small kid other kids used to bully him. So he started lifting weights and became very strong. Now he is seeking for revenge by beating to death absolutely everybody he meets on the street (except animals and birds).

The current title is "MGWBP!" -> Muscular Guy Who Beats People! <- I don't think that's very grammatically correct so if you're from English speaking country suggest me some other variants for the title.

That is all I wanted to say.



Posted by Kaukolike - June 6th, 2008

Yes! And I don't really know when it's finished.

I'm making new flash toon


Posted by Kaukolike - November 7th, 2007

I'll be creating animation once again (I hope so). So prepare yourselves for some good stuff coming soon!
It's done!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TPberl H_j8
It was posted there due technical issues.

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Posted by Kaukolike - July 18th, 2007